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I've been a fan of Depeche Mode since 15 years now and they never, ever deceived me with their song and performances  I think this is the best group I've ever know and that  David Gahan is one of the best singer in the World 
Depeche Mode for me is more than a just a group, they're part of my life , and each of their songs is a part of me now, because they express exactly what I feel most of the time in my life 
My favorite song of Depeche Mode is "Never let me down again" from the album Music for the Masses , I've always loved this song, cause it describes strong feelings, and it's a song so intense. I really feel close to this song , it makes me really feel special, and because it may also be my darkest fear, to be let down…  Loneliness is such a hard feeling...  I like all in that song, the lyrics, the music, the video, and every live performance.  Depeche Mode has always been and will always be my favorite band
Never let me down again : the video
Never let me down ...